Current stars

Postdoctoral Fellows

Suman Bala

Start: Feb 2021

Field: X-ray Polarisation studies with Daksha, X-ray Binary studies with Astrosat, Modeling Cyclotron line Distortion in High Mass X-ray Binaries.

Ph.D. students

Divita Saraogi

Start: Jan 2018

Field: GRB studies, Daksha source search and localisation, detector calibrations

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Harsh Kumar

Start: Jan 2018

Field: GROWTH automation, GRB studies, EMGW follow up

Start: Jan 2020

Field: Daksha structural and thermal simulations, High energy transients, CZTI noise characterization

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Vishwajeet Swain

Start: Aug 2021

Field: Electromagnetic counterparts of Gravitational Waves and transient events

Utkarsh Pathak

Start: Jan 2022

Field: Spectral timing analysis of Type-1 X-ray Bursts, persistent spectra analysis of Neutron stars

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Project students

K Adithya Krishna

Start: Dec 2021

Field: Database and Query Interface for GROWTH-India

Aswin Suresh

Start: Nov 2021

Field: Automated detection of CZTI Fast transients, CZTI fast transients pipeline

Advait Mehla

Start: Nov 2021

Field: Daksha Mass model simulations

Mehul Chanda

Start: Nov 2021

Field: Daksha Mass model simulations

Gariman Singh

Start: Oct 2021

Field: Astrosat X-ray Binary data analysis

Sujay Jadhav

Start: Aug 2021

Field: GROWTH-India image subtraction pipeline for real/bogus classification of supernova sources

Subham Samantaray

Start: Jul 2021

Field: Orbital parameters of Low mass X-ray Binaries, GRB follow up

Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar

Start: July 2021

Field: Daksha electronics, FGPA programming

Parth Sastry

Start: May 2021

Field: X-Ray polarisation analysis with Daksha

Soumyadeep Bhattacharjee

Start: Feb 2021

Field: Astronomical Transient Visibility interface (ASIMOV), High Energy Counterparts to Gravitational Wave sources

Simran Joharle

Start: Aug 2020

Field: GROWTH-India: Telescope Characterisation

Start: Mar 2020

Field: CZTI GRB searches

Ishan Jain

Start: Aug 2020

Field: Error estimation pipeline for Pulsar period searches