Instrument development

The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay is an ideal environment for undertaking instrumentation projects for any field. Our group is currently involved in three key projects:

Daksha is a proposed pair of space telescopes for detecting X-ray and gamma ray explosions in the sky. Daksha will be 10x more sensitive than any existing satellites.

The GROWTH-India telescope is a 0.7m, wide-field optical telescope. The telescope is dedicated to time domain astrophysics as a part of the GROWTH network. Our group handled most of the automation work.

The Cadmium Zinc Telluride Imager on AstroSat has proven to be a versatile transient detector, detecting over 250 GRBs. We use this instrument to study GRBs, FRBs, and counterparts to GW sources.

Observational astrophysics

Our group leads the Indian efforts in broadband electromagnetic follow-up of gravitational wave sources.

We have undertaken various excursions into other transients like GRBs, FRBs, Tidal Disruption Events, and Supernovae.

We use a variety of X-ray telescopes to study properties of X-ray binaries, primarily focusing on neutron star physics.